Past & Present

Dr. William Okell, a Cheshire surgeon, started Okell's Brewery in Castle Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man in 1850. He was a man of singular drive and ambition - by 1874 Dr. Okell owned many of the pubs on the island, had convinced Tynwald (the Isle of Man's parliament), to create an act ensuring the purity of beer brewed on the Isle of Man, and built The Falcon Steam Brewery just outside Douglas.

LAW (1874)

‘No brewer shall use in the  brewing, making,  mixing  with,  recovering or colouring, any beer  or any liquid made to resemble  beer, or  have in his possession  any copperas, coculus indicus, nux  vomica, grains of paradise, guinea  pepper, or opium or any article,  ingredient, or preparation  whatever for, or as a substitute  for malt, sugar or hops.’

Pure Brewing today

It's a continuing tradition...

We care about the beers we make, and for our Head Brewer Kevin Holmes, it's a never ending passion to create the perfect pint of Okell's.

Making the perfect pint from only 4 ingredients is a special skill handed down by generations of Master Brewers.

Continuing our tradition of innovation, Okell's has the only wide gap plate and frame heat exchanger for heating the wort in the Copper in the British Isles.

The pure proof is in the drinking. Check out today's extensive range of Permanent and Seasonal beers!