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Saison (French, "season,") is a broadly defined pale ale that is influenced by Saison Dupont Vieille Provision. Back in the day, saisons were a group of refreshing summer ales made by farmers and our Saison continues the tradition by rewarding a hard day's work in the fields with a summery, fruity drink. Actually, who needs hard work? Our Saison rewards lazy days in the fields too...

Tasting Notes

A golden colored beer, with citric and passion fruit aromas. Initial taste of smooth malt,  hints of spicy coriander and tropical fruits leading to a dry bitter finish.


4.5% ABV


Pale Ale Malt, Imperial Malt; Hops 1) Galena Pilgrim 2) Nelson Sauvin 3) Citra

Dates Available

1 August - 31 August