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Manannan Mac Lir. "Son of the Sea" and the mystic Celtic warrior god after whom the Isle of Man is named. It was only time then, before we at least honoured him with a decent beer. We think he would be proud. MacLir, clouds and clears on pouring much like the legendary cloak of mist, with which Manannan is said to have protected the Island from invasion…and sub-standard beer.

Tasting Notes

MacLir is a superb Wheat Beer, with resin hops and lemon fruit on the aroma, banana and lemon in the mouth, and a big, bitter finish dominated by the hops, juicy malt and citrus fruit.  Unlike lightly hopped Bavarian or Belgian wheat beers, MacLir also comes armed with a veritable oast house full of little green plants.


4.4% ABV


Pride of Ringwood from New Zealand, Cascade and Cluster from the US, Saaz from the Czech Republic, Styrian Goldings from Slovenia, and First Gold and Goldings from England


2013 - International Beer Challenge - BRONZE, 2011 - International Beer Challenge - BRONZE