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India Pale Ale

Said to be hoppier than a hopping mad hopi, our rather good Doctor Okell's takes the 200 year old tradition of the strong India Pale Ale to its ultimate, thanks to one of Dr Mike's finest brewing moments...

Tasting Notes

Doctor Okell's is an extremely light coloured beer with a surprising full bodied taste. The sweetness is offset by a very strong hopping rate. That gives the finished beer an over all roundness with very spicy lemony notes and a fine dry finish to counteract the initial sweetness.


4.5% ABV


All pale ale malt, hops, 1st Fuggles and First Gold, 2nd Hallertau and Saaz, 3rd Cascade and Styrian Goldings.


2013 - International Beer Challenge - BRONZE, 2012 - International Beer Challenge - SILVER